The 5G is constantly being developed in the city and in the countryside.
In which places the 5G is already in use, you can see Here.

Please be advised that 5G is not yet available with the following subscriptions. In the near future you can extend the "Premium Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčOption" by CHF 10.-/month.

  • NATEL® go Europe
  • NATEL® go Swiss premium
  • NATEL® data go Swiss premium
  • NATEL® go Global
  • NATEL® data go Global
  • inOne mobile go
  • inOne mobile basic
  • Swiss mobile flat
  • Swiss mobile light
  • inOne mobile data XL
  • inOne XTRA mobile go
  • inOne XTRA mobile basic
  • Swiss XTRA mobile flat
  • Swiss XTRA mobile light