General Terms and Conditions

General terms

  • The following terms and conditions are binding for all our offers and assignments.  All orders are subject to change.
  • The given specifications; diagrams; drawings; technical data; descriptions of weights, measures and performance are unbinding (in particular, branding is not excluded).  Auratel AG is not liable for any eventual deviation from the product description.

Obligation to an order

  • Binding contract:  All activated orders are binding.  This explicitly means that you have obliged yourself to accept, and respectively collect, the ordered goods.
  • Cash on delivery: Should acceptance be refused we will bill you a surcharge fee of CHF 40.- and an additional 10% of the value of the goods.  You are also responsible for all delivery fees.
  • Advance payment:  For orders via advance payment you oblige yourself to balance the purchase price within 10 days of the order.  Should the purchase amount not be transferred, we shall bill you with a surcharge fee of CHF 40.- and an additional 10% of the value of the goods.
  • Collection:  For orders carried out through collection, the reserved goods must be picked up and paid for, in cash, within 14 days of the completion of the order.  We otherwise regard ourselves as obliged to bill you with a surcharge fee of CHF 40.-, as well as an additional 10% of the value of the goods.
  • Extra costs that arise through the refusal of acceptance and storing of the goods are to be carried by the customer.

Terms of delivery

  • Delivery is only made within Switzerland.
  • The following dispatch options are available to you: cash on delivery and advance or cash payment.  The costs for cash on delivery are carried by the customer.
  • For the dispatch options cash on delivery a delivery part-fee of CHF 30.00 incl. VAT and advance payment a delivery part-fee of CHF 15.00 incl. VAT will be charged.
  • Should work strikes occur after the completion of a contract (such as threatened lock-out or more grievous cases of force) with either Auratel AG or our suppliers that were not foreseen during the completion of the agreement and cause the prevention of the delivery, the delivery period will be prolonged for the necessary period of time that the hindrance causes.  Should the delivery hindrance take longer than four weeks, the customer is able to withdraw from the contract.  Should the goods not be available in store, yet a delivery date already be set, the customer is then equally obligated towards the order for a minimum of four weeks.  All delivery dates are unbinding and imply weekdays; thus, one week equals five workdays.  The delivery dates are only approximations and can deviate from these.
  • Should the customer wish to withdraw from the contract within the first two weeks, a one-time fee of CHF 40.- becomes due.  A revocation is only possible should the goods not yet have been sent to the client or where the goods are not yet on their way from the suppliers to Auratel AG.
  • Passing of risk: All deliveries take place from our company headquarters.  The risk is passed on to the customer when the delivery leaves the headquarters.
  • Part-delivery: We reserve the rights to deliver in a number of shipments at your convenience.  Additional delivery costs only occur with explicit agreement.

Terms of payment

  • The agreed purchase price includes value-added tax (VAT), if not otherwise indicated (change in the level of tax is reserved at all times with other agreement).  The purchase price is due when the passing of risk or usage of the purchase object takes place.  It is in any case indebted without deduction and payable within 10 days.
  • For all deliveries, the postage and delivery costs are a part of the total costs.

Credit card

  • In our online shop we accept the following credit cards : Mastercard, Visa and American Express. You will be charged by an additional commission of 2.9%. If you decide to cancel your order, you will get a credit voucher for the whole amount. By paying online you will be charged even if the product is not available at the moment.

Proprietary rights

  • All deliveries from Auratel AG follow under proprietary rights.  The ownership of the delivered objects and rights (proviso goods) is only transferred to the contracting partner, once all payments involving the current business relationship are made.
  • The contracting partner is not entitled to pawn the rights (proviso goods), prior to the transition of the property or to transfer or process or equally rearrange them for security reasons.  This is only permitted to resell the proviso goods in accordance with the regulations of the ordinary course of business.  In the case of resale, the contracting partner must immediately transfer the total of all of resulting debts he has open to his customer as security for the rights from Auratel AG to Auratel AG.  Auratel AG accepts this transfer.
  • If the contracting partner is fully or partially in arrears with one or more payments, abandons his payments or is proposed for commencement of enforcement or bankruptcy proceedings for his assets, then the contracting partner is no longer permitted to have the proviso goods at his disposal.  In such a case, Auratel AG is justified to withdraw from the contract or to have the proviso goods returned to it, for the purpose of another use or equally, to revoke the authorisation of the contracting partner for the recovery of the debts from the resale.  Auratel AG can then demand information regarding the recipient of the proviso goods, provide indication of the transferral of the debts and collect these debts itself.
  • Throughout the duration of the proprietary rights, the contracting partner will sufficiently insure the proviso goods, on own cost, against loss or damage, in particular through fire, water, break-in or theft and, on demand, grant Auratel AG access to the insurance policy.  The contracting partner already then transfers his corresponding insurance claim to Auratel AG.  Auratel AG accepts this signing over (transferral) and declares the signing back over to the contracting partner, on the condition that this comes into effect when and as soon as the proprietary rights expire.


  • The producer’s conditions of guarantee are valid!
  • With defects or in the case of lacking insurance, Auratel AG is justified, for the time being, to follow their choice in improving the missing object or substituting delivery.  The sending of the repaired object or a substituting delivery is billed out to the contracting partner.
  • The warranty does not comprise the elimination of mistakes that occur due to external influence or operating error. Warranty claims are, furthermore, not valid if the contracting partner does not follow operating instructions or the contracting partner as well as non-authorised third party members intervene in the contracted goods, make changes to these or implement usage materials that do not comply with Auratel AG specifications.
  • Return or replacement in the case of guarantee is expressly not possible!
  • The guarantee covers a period of 12 months for all products.  Exceptions are declared by name.


  • Customers’ claims for compensation against us, for which ever legal reason, particularly out of blame for reason of contract negotiations, out of definite breach of contract and/or out of unauthorised act, also for damages not made to the delivered product or to the performed workmanship itself, are excluded.  This exclusion of liability does not count with intent or gross negligence on our part and/or on the part of our accomplices.
  • Auratel AG does not take over any liability for missed winnings or consequential or indirect damage that may occur to the purchaser or third-party.
  • An exchange of flawless products is not possible.

Final provisions

  • We reserve the rights to alter the terms and conditions anytime.
  • Swiss law is valid.
  • Should the individual regulations of these terms and conditions or the contract closed with the contracting partner, become fully or partially void, this does not alter the effectiveness of the remaining sections of the contract.
  • Place of jurisdiction and performance is Geroldswil ZH, Switzerland.
  • Price changes, errors and omissions excepted!